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Tramway Đà Nẵng


Common transportation is one of criteria to assess civilization of a city. It should be involved in the process of urban planning and renewal. For Danang City, it is time to consider this issue seriously. Choosing an optimum public transportation option requires to consider a range of factors. Therefore, using trams and clean small-size buses for transportation is an appropriate option for Danang City.

New model tram is a kind of vehicle running with electricity on light rails. Trams are like not  trains. Trams  operate according to the traffic regulations for road vehicles. Therefore, tramways crossing roads in the city do not obstruct traffic like railways. Being able to transport a large amount with high energy efficiency and without air pollution (if running with electricity), trams become popular transportation means in many countries in the world.

It is needed to have a long-term investment plan in constructing a tramway network for the city with priority given to quick  urbanization areas. Based on the socio-economic development orientation of the city, it is needed to give priority to upgrading Danang -  Nam O railway section after it have been moved out of the city and converting it into two-way tramway lines. Using available railway lines as tramway ones can minimize clearance cost and compensation. In line with planning complex ... around tramway stations and meeting the needs of transportation in the urban and potential areas in the north, Danang- Nam O tramway option will impact positively on the local socio-economic development.

We will continue to develop two more tramway lines in the east of the city and in the  airport belt. Then, Public transportation issues of Danang will be solved basically in correspondence with a big city of the first category, a bridge head of the East-West corridor in South-East Asian region.